School’s Out!

June 1, 2019

Now, Get Back to work! Emma wrapped up her final exams this past Wednesday. She finished the year very strong with her lowest grade an ‘A-‘. As her Dad, I cannot tell you how stressful this year was for her and for us. There were many evenings of studying instead of doing something fun. There […]

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New Glasses

May 4, 2019

Out of the 5 of us, 3 of us have glasses.  Our youngest, Lauryn, and middle daughter, Emma both have great eyesight – until recently.  Lauryn has been complaining about not being able to see the board at school.  She also sometimes has headaches.  We were on our way to the eye doctor for Leah […]

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Hey Emma! Will Return

April 26, 2019

Emma is busy studying hard to finish the year strong. Consequently, that means no Hey Emma! episodes for another week or so. We’ll get them out as soon as we can.

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Hey Emma! Valentine’s Day

February 11, 2019

The history of Valentine’s Day is full of love and death. We seem to romanticize this holiday but its origins are both romantic and tragic. It’s not all that different from today’s teenage girl and romance. We all hope and pray it doesn’t end tragically, but it certainly can be full of angst. In our […]

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Tourette’s Or Not Tourette’s

February 7, 2019

How does our own Hey Emma! deal with Tourettes on a daily basis?

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Hey Emma! Family Vacations

September 9, 2018

We recently had an opportunity to take a family vacation that wasn’t planned far in advance.  It was an opportunity that had come up and we jumped at the chance to go.  Well, most of jumped.  One of us was more than reluctant and, at one point, flat out refused to go.  What made things […]

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