School’s Out!

Now, Get Back to work!

Emma wrapped up her final exams this past Wednesday. She finished the year very strong with her lowest grade an ‘A-‘.

As her Dad, I cannot tell you how stressful this year was for her and for us. There were many evenings of studying instead of doing something fun. There were more than a few evenings with tears and frustration. there were times where I wanted to just tell her to stop and relax, but she had to get the work done. So, I saw a cycle of stress, tears, relief, then back to work.

Part of the challenge is she still requires a lot of sleep so by 9:30 pm, her brain is shutting down and she needs to get into bed. So, we cram as much learning in to her peak hours as we can so she can still get a good night’s sleep. It worked and she just owned this school year.

I can’t tell you how proud of her I am. I wish I knew how to tell her how I feel inside. I wish words were strong enough to let her know I am bursting with pride. I also wish I could tell her how conflicted I am inside over wanting her to do well and also to be able to relax and enjoy the journey.

I am sure you feel this same way for your child. If only there were words that were strong enough or powerful enough to convey our emotions.

Until those words come to us, we’ll have to simply hug, love and have great experiences with our amazing kids.

We also will be getting a new podcast episode out the door soon. Hope to get it in the can this weekend.


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