New Glasses

Out of the 5 of us, 3 of us have glasses.  Our youngest, Lauryn, and middle daughter, Emma both have great eyesight – until recently.  Lauryn has been complaining about not being able to see the board at school.  She also sometimes has headaches.  We were on our way to the eye doctor for Leah anyway since it was time for her annual eyesight check.

As Leah was getting fitted for new frames and lenses, Lauryn decided to check out some glasses. She had picked out 2 very nice frames that really looked good on her face.  She hadn’t even been examined yet and she was already picking out frames.  Her enthusiasm for getting glasses is quite obvious. I made an appointment to get her eyes checked for the following week.

A week goes by and her appointment time is here.  The regular eye doctor is out sick so we are told they brought in a sub from almost 2 hours away.  She hops right up into the chair and is examined by one of the goofiest eye doctors I have ever encountered.  He obviously likes working with kids but he seems a little too enthusiastic.  Anyway, he proves to be quite thorough in his exam.  He checks and rechecks and checks some more.  Her answers aren’t always consistent so he keeps checking until he has consistency.

The examination reveals that she is slightly near-sighted.  Figures.  Most of us are.  She had narrowed her choice of frames to two styles so we went out to the lobby to talk with the optical assistant.  Both of the frames are covered by our insurance so either one will do.  The purple ones look best on her face so she goes with those.

She doesn’t get that she can’t take them home today.  Why not?  They already have lenses in them.  She can’t see any better with those lenses as they are just clear glass.  But she works it out in her head.  They have to put her special lenses in so she can see better.  It takes about 7 business days.  She is visibly disappointed.

2 Days later, we get the call that they are in.  She practically jumps in the car to go pick them up.  “Maybe we should wait until you are dressed for the day”, I called to her.  We had a few errands to run so we drove by and picked them up.  She was thrilled.  They look so nice on her and she can see better.

Flash forward 2 months later.  We find her glasses all over the house.  Not on her face.  Just all over the house.  She does wear them to school and she wears them home and she swears she wears them all day so I am satisfied.  I was afraid they were more of a fashion statement than functional eyewear.  Still, we do find them in a variety of places around the house.  Sometimes in the sofa, sometimes in the bathroom.

We are working on getting her to take care of them.


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