Hey Emma! Will Return

Not Emma! A stranger who is working hard. I’ll take a picture of her when she’s not looking stressed and tired.

I have to stop nagging Emma about getting another Podcast in the can. She is rushing toward the end of the school year and she is inundated with testing. She recently finished the PSAT test and is now heavily involved with Chemistry, Calculus, Psychology and her other classes. The amount of testing going on now is heavy.

In addition, she has a few AP classes for which she has to prepare for a big AP test. This is a very comprehensive test that – if she does well – will count toward college credits.

That being said, she is missing sharing with you all and is looking forward to getting behind the mic again to talk about teen & parent stuff.

In the meantime, look forward to a minisode coming up that may help bridge the gap.

Send her your good thoughts for a strong end to the school year. We wish the same for you all. Finish strong even though you are tired and want to sleep. These are the challenges that help build the adult you will eventually become.

We love you and miss you.

Dad & Emma


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