Friends Come and Friends Go

Hanging with your friends is a great way to develop lifelong friendships.

It’s sad when you lose a friend. Soemtimes they move away. Sometimes their interests change. Sometimes the friendship just fades away.

Regardless of the reasons, it is a tough thing for a teenager to lose a friend. When your friendship is going well. You think nothing could ever break that bond, then along comes a big change and ‘BAM’, your friend has found others.

Realizing that friendships come and go may eventually help. Friendships fill a need in your life and sometimes, those needs change for one or both of the friends. The challenge is learning how to move on and how to make new friends.

Today’s “Hey Emma!” Podcast – Episode 207″ covers this topic that can be very difficult for teenagers. Check it out at Apple Podcasts or Google Play or your favorite Podcast Player.

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