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As parents, we know it’s hard to connect with your kids.  We are very busy with work, activities, keeping the family fed, washed, cleaned up and all the other things that occupy our frantic lives.   But we also know it’s incredibly important to stay connected with those ankle biters we are raising into productive, loving caring people who will ultimately be resonsible for deciding whether to pull the plug on us or not.

So, how do we connect with them?  We see them over on the sofa with their electronic world in their hands and we think, “How do I compete with Roblox, Instagram, SnapChat, Stupid Cat Videos, Stupid Dog Videos and on and on…?”

Well, we’ve learned that you first have to begin with finding out what your child wants.  What motivates them?  What do they enjoy doing?  You may think that they only enjoy sitting while exercising their thumbs on their phones, but is that “all” they enjoy?  I’d be willing to bet money they enjoy so much more but since we are so busy trying to keep the family afloat, we don’t give them the time to find out what else may be out there to occupy their time.  Here are some quick ways to find how to find out some new ways to connect with your kids.

First, you have to dedicate some time to do it.  I know. I know. Time is a luxury that we cannot afford to waste.  Blah, Blah, Blah.  This isn’t wasting time.  This is investing time.  You’re spending a little time to help build a bridge to the digital world in which they live.  Remember the bridge works 2 ways.  You cross over to their side and they will cross back to your side.  (I love analogies)

How’s Your Day?

It’s a very common and silly question. We all know the answer is going to be “Fine”. Why do we ask? We’re trying to cross that bridge into their world, but that is a lame attempt. Try an open ended question.

Tell me something that really made you smile today.

Now, that’s a question that just may elicit a smile before they even begin telling you the story. Try it. You’ll be surprised at what you may learn makes your son or daughter smile.

More tips next time.

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