Hey Emma! Family Vacations

We recently had an opportunity to take a family vacation that wasn’t planned far in advance.  It was an opportunity that had come up and we jumped at the chance to go.  Well, most of jumped.  One of us was more than reluctant and, at one point, flat out refused to go.  What made things worse was Mary was unable to go because of work.

It took some convincing and a lot of self-examination before Emma agreed to go.  She ultimately had a great time, but it wasn’t without some hiccups.  Check out our latest episode of “Hey Emma!”  Season 2, Episode 1 to understand more about how the teenage brain works and why a chance to take a vacation brought her so much anxiety.  You’ll also figure out how to make the trip smoother and more enjoyable for your teen who is reluctant to go.

Are you sure we packed everything?


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