Hey Emma! Season 2 – coming soon

After taking some time off over the summer, another season of the popular Podcast “Hey Emma!” is returning in September 2018.  Season 2 will kick off with new episodes including:

  • Family Vacations
  • Food choices
  • Eating Habits
  • Growing up with Siblings
  • Special Needs
  • several other topics

Since we are dedicated to helping you, our listeners, understand and grow in their relationships with their teen daughters, it is important that we hear from you on topics you feel are important for us to cover.

Drop an email to:  dad@growingwithgirls.com   to let us know what you would like us to cover.

If you prefer, comment down below and let us know any topics you would like us to cover in this season.  We may not be able to get to them all, but we will certainly try to cover as many as possible.

Keep on connecting with your teenager.  It isn’t easy but it is so important. 



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